Entry Comments FAQs

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Any user or role with “read” access to a specific content type or entry will be able to use the entry comments feature.

No. Currently, we cannot trigger any webhook based on entry comments.

Yes. If you delete a field that has comments associated with it, that field and its comments will no longer be visible in the entry editor. The discussion gets resolved automatically and is moved to the “Resolved” section under the right-hand panel.

You can visit the Discussions tab on the right panel and view the discussion details at any time. Check out the Entry Comments section to know more about the “Comments” feature.

No. You can only add comments to the subfields of “Group” and “Global Fields”, not to the parent field as a whole.

To be able to add comments to the subfields of a “Group,” “Modular Blocks,” or “Global” field that has been marked as “Multiple,” you need to first enter data in the fields and save the entry. Once you save the entry, you can start adding comments to the subfields.

No. You can only add comments to the fields present inside each block of a “Modular Blocks” field, not to the parent “Modular Blocks” field as a whole.

No. You can only have one active discussion per field. However, your entry can have multiple open discussions.

Yes. You can reopen a resolved discussion, provided that there is no active discussion on the field that it was originally linked to.

Yes. You can have separate discussions for each of the fields present in each localized version of an entry. However, unlocalized or older entry versions do not support the “Comments” feature.

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