Digital Agency BeyondCurious Leverages Contentstack as New CMS for Drone Company, Parrot

Parrot relied on a JSON monolithic CMS content management solution that was cobbled together in-house. Although it maintained standard functionality, Parrot relied heavily on outside developers to implement even the simplest of changes. With constant releases in a wide range of new products, the team often struggled to make quick, efficient updates to content in their mobile app.

BeyondCurious migrated Parrot's old CMS to an API-first solution, allowing their team to seamlessly take over post-migration and easily make updates to their app without technical support.

By leveraging Contentstack, Parrot’s platform improved in the following ways:

  1. Ease of use – Contentstack enables the Parrot team to use the tool with no in-house technical support.
  2. Efficiency – The new system allows Parrot to make changes to its platform quickly.
  3. Simplicity and control – The integration of the new system was easy and intuitive.

Download a copy of this case study to follow Parrot drone company's transition from a clunky, traditional CMS to a headless content management solution and by doing so, it has eliminated dependencies on highly technical developers for the most basic content changes, giving content managers more content control.


Download a complimentary copy: