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ONE Championship Chooses Contentstack as CMS Partner

At the time of engagement, ONE Championship was using two content management systems. Data entry and edits were occurring in both systems, resulting in inefficiencies. By migrating to Contentstack, ONE Championship has reduced maintenance hours and costs, freeing developers to work on more productive projects, as well as improving scalability and performance.

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ONE Championship is the largest global sports media property in Asia’s history, according to Forbes magazine. The company faced publishing challenges because it was using two content management systems with two databases, and data was not always in sync. This created inefficiencies as developers’ time was needed to resolve data issues.

Our business is based around a fanbase that consumes an amazing amount of evergreen content. With the addition of Contentstack, we are more scalable now, and data delivery is very fast!
Johnbabu KoppoluDirector of EngineeringONE Championship


The primary objective was to resolve the data sync problem. Johnbabu Koppolu, Director Of Engineering at ONE Championship, says, “After we migrated from our previous CMS to Contentstack, we developed automatic syncing between the two systems, using the APIs provided by Contentstack.”

ONE Championship was looking to build a long-term relationship with their new CMS provider. It was vital to get the right support. Other companies that ONE Championship looked at did not have the same level of support. The team felt that with Contentstack’s support, they could make everything work. After talking to some Contentstack customers, ONE Championship had feedback that made them comfortable to go with Contentstack.

Koppolu says another goal was that “we wanted to be up and running very fast — in terms of migrating from our previous CMS and developing a lot of new features. Contentstack helped us achieve both these objectives.”

Content publishing is at least 50% faster by moving to Contentstack. Koppolu adds, “Using Contentstack, we now have one single source of truth for all our content, which has reduced maintenance issues. We are more scalable now, and we are happy with the performance that’s provided by Content- stack. The data delivery is very fast!”

Additionally, Contentstack gave the team added power, such as workflows and webhooks. Using webhooks whenever there are specific content changes, the system can automatically initialize a process in the ONE Championship app.

Contentstack also had an impact on the number of resources required. The engineers that previously worked on the previous CMS were able to move on to other projects, creating significant efficiencies for ONE Championship.

Using Contentstack, development time has gone down drastically because we are not coding anymore to deliver content. With the use of APIs, scaling was improved, which is a big benefit.
Johnbabu KoppoluDirector of EngineeringONE Championship


ONE Championship now has one single source of truth for content, which has freed up their developers’ time and reduced maintenance issues and costs. Contentstack also helped increase the speed of development, improved the ease of maintenance, and addressed scalability and performance issues.

We now have one single source for all our content, reducing maintenance issues and costs. Contentstack has proven to be reliable in terms of availability, scalability, and performance.
Johnbabu KoppoluDirector of EngineeringONE Championship