Ayla Networks Saves $50k Annually with Headless Content Management Solution

Prior to choosing Contentstack headless CMS solution, Ayla Networks used WordPress to manage its web presence. Upon experiencing rapid growth, the existing platform could not deliver the digital experience and content it hoped to achieve. After migrating to our web management system, it manages content in a matter of minutes and saves the company $50k annually.


Increased in speed of content delivery

600 hrs

Saved annually to deploy content


Saved annually in staffing costs and services


Ayla Networks offers an IoT PaaS technology that allows manufacturers to build connectivity to turn simple home appliances, HVAC and other things into intelligent devices.

Company Profile

Website: www.aylanetworks.com

Industry: Internet

Company size: 51 - 200 employees


Though Ayla Networks is spearheading the movement in IoT, the company felt that “the previous web infrastructure did not reflect the company’s forward-thinking technology,” says Alla Oks, Sr. Director of Marketing and Demand Generation.

Ayla Networks faced many challenges with its traditional CMS. It was using a disparate system and process to manage its digital experience, which included WordPress for web content management, alongside the professional services of a digital agency for updates and changes. The architecture and content structure of WordPress didn’t align well with the website’s format, making it difficult and time-consuming to navigate, locate pages, or find assets. Employees didn’t have a staging environment to preview content before it went live, which made publishing a nightmare. The technical assistance needed from a skilled developer – even for the simplest of updates – became a costly bottleneck for the business. As the business expanded and the demand for content increased, it became evident that the process was inefficient, not scalable, and too expensive.

The Ayla Networks team was in dire need of a content management platform that was robust enough to support its growing website, but also simple enough to enable the marketing team to easily manage content without having to depend on IT for minor changes. After trying Contentstack, Oks chose Contentstack’s technology and industry expertise to solve their problems.

"I never knew it was possible for it to be this easy to create and manage content with a CMS."

– David Friedman, CEO, Ayla Networks


Shortly after implementation, Ayla Networks’ team confirmed that Contentstack was the ideal platform for the following reasons:

  1. It made creating, updating, and managing content very easy with tools that anyone – even business users – could use to make changes to web content. This eliminated the cost, concern, and bottleneck of having to rely on highly trained technical staff.
  2. The new platform’s architectural structure provided peace-of-mind. By decoupling content management from web servers, the website would remain operational even if Contentstack were to ever become unavailable.
  3. Contentstack’s professional services team made the migration painless. By sparing internal developer time, resources were freed-up, thus enabling the team to invest in fine-tuning content and improving SEO.

Within the first few weeks of launching Contentstack, Oks saw a huge increase in productivity and efficiency within the marketing department.

"Prior to using Contentstack, a simple update or any form of content creation took days to complete."

– Alla Oks, Sr. Director, Marketing & Demand Generation, Ayla Networks


Immediately after implementing Contentstack, Ayla Networks saw a strong return on investment, a trend that has continued to increase month over month. The tool’s features can be learned in hours and managed by any business or marketing team, eliminating the need to spend unnecessary costs on developer training and support. Ayla Networks also used Contentstack’s professional service team to help optimize its website; their efforts produced a boost of 115% in organic search and traffic.

Consolidating marketing and development efforts to power the demands of business and finding a highly scalable, agile, out-of-the-box solution that would grow with its website were key to Ayla Networks’ success. Oks notes that by using Contentstack, content is delivered more than 200 times faster. Additionally, she says 600 hours are saved that would otherwise be spent deploying content, and that they now save $50K annually in staffing costs and services.

Reflecting on the success she’s experienced with Contentstack, Oks relishes the fact that choosing the platform was one of the best business decisions she has made. Oks also believes the continued service and support demonstrates that Contentstack treats them more like a highly valued partner, rather than just a customer.

"Before, adding and changing content involved different levels of complexity that could include external designers, copywriters, and developers. We can now accomplish all of this in-house with a lean team and an intern who has little prior CMS experience."

– Alla Oks, Sr. Director, Marketing & Demand Generation, Ayla Networks